Automotive Detailing

Automotive Detailing

The satisfying work of automotive detailing


Why Automotive Detailing is Important for your Vehicle

Automotive detailing your vehicle is very important on making your vehicle last as long as possible. In the northern states of the United States, they use a ton of salt on the roads to keep the roads from being slippery and unsafe. The southern portion of the United States, there is very harmful UV rays from the sun that can wreck interiors and make clear coats of paint flake off which will cause paint failure. Washing and waxing your vehicle is very important to not let this happen and it can keep your vehicle look like it did the day you drove it off the lot. Other key factors of detailing are to keep a good protectant on your interior so that the sun won’t make your dash crack and keep that looking good as well. Automotive detailing is very fun a rewarding to see the end product.

Automotive Soaps

When it comes to automotive soaps there is a lot of options out there. There are some that just clean the contaminates off of your vehicle while other soaps provide a small layer of wax while cleaning your vehicle. Foam cannons can be used with most soaps but now they make specific soaps for foam cannons that work really well making foam on your vehicle that you just can’t get with other soaps. Washing your is a very important step in making your vehicle last.

Automotive Wax

After washing your vehicle and drying it, the next step I like to do is wax the vehicle. Wax is where you get the protection from road grime and protection from harmful UV lighting from the sun. Waxing is very important in automotive detailing; it is one of the most crucial processes in making your paint last. A good place for information on wax is Best Car Detailing Products (Review) in 2022 | The Drive  .I like to apply wax in a cool place out of the sun that way it will allow the wax to setup. Then after the wax has setup then simply buff off with a microfiber cloth. There are different types of waxes these days. They make wax now in a paste form (my favorite), liquid, and spray form. After you’re done waxing, you will see your vehicle shine and have peace of mind it has protection!