Detailing Sudzbox Absolute All-Purpose Cleaner Review

Sudzbox Absolute All-Purpose Cleaner Review

I have been using Sudzbox absolute all-purpose cleaner now for about a year. I have cleaned some pretty nasty cars that I have been fixing and selling and that stuff really gets rid of any dirt or grime that I have sprayed it on. I have used it for dirty center counsels that have food stains and other sticky stains that people can leave behind in their interiors. I have also used it under the hood detailing the engine trim and cowls. With spraying it and using a decent brush I can get it to look new in a matter of no time. It can really bring back a really gross looking car and make it look new. It will even take off grease or anything that is sticky. I have also used it on door jams that collect a lot of dust, and it is my go-to for a quick cleaner, especially when I am fixing and selling a car.
 4.9 out of 5 stars

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